World Water Day 2012

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UN World Water Day 2012


Many people use water for the following things.  While viewing consider how you would do if water wasn’t available.





-washing clothes


-preserving food

Take a moment to appreciate this precious resource and think of ways to preserve it.  You save money and the environment.  How good is that.


UN World Water Day

What’s Your Water Footprint 

The Story of Bottled Water

Help one billion with little or no access to water










Rain, rain and more rain

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For the month of May, 2011 there was a lot of rain, making it muddy to work at the community garden.  The upside is that the ground really had a good soaking, which saves water and the time for watering.

One really good way of saving water and money is capturing it with rain barrels. As you can see, we draped a piece of landscape cloth under the cover to ensure that we don’t encourage mosquito larvae-a problem if water stand still.

We encourage our gardeners to use an watering can and try to pour it on the  roots to build a strong root system.  This encourage the root to dig deeper in an effort to find water under the surface, which will take less time to water, saves money and time.


During a particularly heavy rainfall -which the gardeners got caught in at the Windfields Community Gardens, there was about 6 inches of rained in about 15 minutes, as you can see below in the wheel barrow it was quite a downpour.   By the way, standing water encourage mosquitoes, so try and empty any containers with standing water in, if available in your water barrels as soon as possible.