Conservation Fair

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The Conservation Fair is an annual event to  encourage actions that will reduce greenhouse gases and preserve the natural environment.

The 2011 Conservation Fair was held at the Oshawa Centre and in addition to share tips and receiving information, visitors were able to see the new GM Volt on display.

People are asked to share their conservation tips allowing everyone to learn from each other.



Rethinking energy

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Throughout the years, I’ve had a rough time adjusting to daylight saving time in terms of sleep. I often wondered how it came about and did a lot of research, which I find quite interesting. Amazing how one’s ability to observe and invent concepts can affect actions. Take Benjamin Franklin, who responded to an incident when he awoke and wrote about his observation of light, quite amazing.

History of daylight saving time

Energy Conversions

Eco Bunny Hop Trail

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April 18, 2010 10:00 amtoApril 23, 2010 2:00 pm



The third annual Earth Week at the Oshawa Centre from Monday, April 18th to Saturday, April  23rd, excluding April 22 (Good Friday).  There is face painting, pictures, chocolates, and planting seeds.

The children will be planting a bean or zucchini seed in a peat pot and grow it for the garden.