Oshawa Earth Day 2012

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April 21, 2012
12:00 pmto5:00 pm
April 22, 2012
12:00 pmto5:00 pm


The Incredible World of Bugs:

Earth Day 2012 Video

Beneficial bugs are nature’s gift to a garden.  Trees, flowers, vegetables and herbs attract different bugs, birds and butterflies.

I love ladybugs, hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies.

For Earth Day 2012, I am looking forward to hearing about The Incredible World of Bugs, and learn more on how they contribute to our gardens to make everything natural and sustainable for the Earth.

When we learn about the ways of doing little act, it becomes a big impact and cultivates sustainable sensibilities.


Oshawa Community Earth Day

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April 22nd is Earth Day, which since its establishment in 1970 has become recognized as a worldwide environment day for creating awareness. It is celebrated by over one billion people.  The focus of Earth Day is to plant trees, which reduces carbon and increase oxygen in the air.  The Oshawa Community Earth Day has hosted the following events:

2011:            The Eco-Bunny Hop Trail

Face painting, pictures and planting seeds

2010:            Boost Your Eco

Energy efficient truck, how to make paper

2009:           Repurposing Competition

Using discarded item to make something useful.


Annual Projects

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Each year, fbsc.org brings business, institution and community together through various community engagement projects, creating awareness and suggesting ways to include in everyday living.

These include:

Take a moment and visit our sites. Join us for one of our events on your journey in building a sustainable lifestyle.