WOWEM: Rises

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In 2004, the WOWEM Project envisioned a civil society that cared about how Information, Communication Technologies (ICTs) could be used to promote equity, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.  A way to gage the specific struggles of women and how the community could respond through tecnological collaboration, empowerment and support with practical experience and hence woman’s intuitiveness and exceptional wisdom.

It gives us great pleasure in viewing this video, take a look.

It started in 2004 with a challenge!  How do we 1) find out how women faired in the IT world, and 2) what supports are needed to develop any skills, networks or marketplace to excel.  A simple ‘fact finding’ initiative.

The WOWEM Impact

Over 60 organizations across the globe shared, supported and offer wisdom to the members, resulting in achieving the United Nations Civil Society Award for the World Summit Awards Program.  The recognition for the ‘best in e-content & Creativity’

WSIS 2014

WSA Team

WSA Team

WSIS in Paris

Joan Kerr with Fadi Chehadi at WSIS 2014

Joan Kerr with Dorothy Gordon, Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT


Glenn McKnight appointed to PIR Advisory Committee

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gmcknight image
Glenn has been choosen as one on the advisory committee for Public Interest Registry who owns .ORG and the new .NGO gTld’s. This is a volunteer posting to assist PIR in their planning and implementation
PIR is located in Reston, Virginia

Durham DIY Showcase

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Durham DIY Showcase
The Annual Durham DIY Showcase 2015 held on the 15th of February in Oshawa at UOIT commenced on one of the coldest days of the year , but it quickly heated up through the spirited interaction of thirty-six exhibitors sharing their passion to share their knowledge and excitement of all things STEM to young children.
The event sponsored by IEEE Toronto Section and the IEEE Canada Foundation was coordinated by the Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities and the University of Ontario . Sponsorship for the event came from the IEEE Toronto section IEEE and the special grants from the IEEE Canadian Foundation. The prime objective of the day long event was to ignite and inspire children to take interest in topics such as Wearable Technology, Open Hardware, Humanitarian DIY and much much more.
The vision of the free event started with a journey of discovery after participating in various Maker Faires and Maker Spaces and realizing that these events failed to connect the engineering professional to the excitement of the maker/hacker community. The culture shift from nerdism to educating the public on the importance of the engineering profession became a major core goal of the event . We have succeed making the event fun, engaging and educational All done as a free event to the public and the exhibitors. If your student branch or section is interested in learning more contact Glenn McKnight. Email

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Make a Change

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There are so many ways we can make a difference. Choose soemthing, or support someone who is already doing something.

Sustainabilty is about the environment, social and economic issues of our time. Whatever your cause, food, social justice, democracy, health, the environment, YOU can make a change. The issues can be addressed if we all just do something that is positive.

Let’s make a change.

4th Annual Harvest Dinner 2013

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October 3, 2013
5:00 pmto7:00 pm



Join us for the 4th Annual Harest Dinner at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #43.  The event is being hosted by the Ladies Auxiliary.  


Victory Gardens provided food for over 40% of the population during the First & Second World Wars.  Women played an instrumental role in feed children soldiers and the community by growing food, canning and preserving and taking care of the homefront.

The Canadian Victory Garden Project continues this tradition by creating a modern day food garden using a established model to grow vegetable.  Tasting the harvest with our friends and families is pivotal to the Victory Garden Model.

The Canadian Victory Garden donates the produce to Feed The Need, Durham and to the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #43.