New beginnings, 2012

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Health CanadaWith a new year, the feeling of introspective and renewals can give us inspiration and motivation to embrace sustainable living in a positive light.  With a little adjustment, one easy way to do this is choosing to eat healthy.  according to Health Canada by eating well and being active for 2.5 hours is a good start on a healthy path.

Consider visiting your Doctor and discuss your plans for eating and activities.  Allergies play a role in some people’s choice so be aware of your situation.

Try a couple of activities such as: walking, stretching, bowling, dancing.  Eating fruits, yogurt and nuts lead to healthier bodies.  One of my favourite snack is apples, grapes, strawberries, oranges, mangoes (changes with the seasons), with homemade yogurt, raisins and nuts.  I try different  combinations of fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts.

Another way is to make a smoothie with fresh or frozen fruits.

Honey can be added to sweeten to taste.

Either way, delicious and health.




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