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Humanitarian Technologies

Brainstorming Energy Retreat at Canadian Victory Garden in Oshawa

FBSC  with  UOIT  Women in Engineering

We  are pleased to announce that  we will be hosting a  retreat for  Energy Engineering students at the  Canadian Victory Garden on April 25 and April 26. This session will be facilitated by Butch Shadwell   The purpose of the  event is to create a off-the-grid Open Source energy solution to be presented at the International Humanitarian Technology Conference and the  UN International  Year of Light  session


Details on the  session here


Butch Shadwell has been working in electronics since he was 12 years old. Starting with vacuum tube technology, he has designed systems through the evolution of transistors, SSI, MSI, and LSI. In his extraordinary career he has worked with almost every kind of technology in the electronics industry, including applied research and development in nuclear medicine, opto-electronics, electronic warfare, robotics, industrial automation, machine vision, artificial intelligence, digital television, special sensors and embedded systems.

A senior member of the IEEE, he is active on the IEEE Energy Policy Committee and the IEEE Research Policy Committee. In 2009 he was selected as the international chair of the IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge – Reliable Electricity.

He has conducted sponsored research at Carnegie-Mellon Robotics Institute and received over $1.5 million in grants for his work in machine vision. For the past nineteen years he has had a successful consulting practice developing new technologies for dozens of companies. His clients include multi-billion dollar companies, and as an active volunteer in IEEE has been a featured speaker at many universities, sections, and student branches around the world.

Canadian Victory Garden
FBSC has been operating the community garden in Oshawa for six years providing thousands of food to the food bank and the UOIT Food Bank and partnering with various community organizations to learn more about local food production

Internet Governance

Public Internet Registry Advisory Committee
Glenn McKnight  has selected to a member of the  PIR Advisory Committee

ALAC Technology Taskforce
Glenn McKnight  appointed Co-Chair of the  Taskforce

Internet Society of  Canada Chapter
Glenn McKnight is serving  his  second year as the treasurer of the Internet Society  of  Canada. He is one of main organizers for the  Annual General  Meeting on April 17th in Toronto

He will be representing ISCC  at the  Leadership workshops in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Glenn McKnight  as  the NARALO  ALAC  member will be attending the  ICANN meetings on June 19 to to 26
Joan  Kerr,  NPOC Membership Chair will be a full participate for the GNSO  in Buenos Aires

Since 2009, ICANN Mexico is the first ICANN meeting we attended as a delegate for Atlas 1. Since then we have taken on greater responsibility which has included: Two years as NOMCOM rep, NARALO Secretariat and currently NARALO ALAC member

Other important activities includes:
Member of Accessibility Working Group
Social media lead for DNS for Women and for ICANN Fellowship program

A wide collection of videos and pictures of all the ICANN events including Prague, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Durham and Beijing

January  2015
ISOC Meet and Greet
The ISOC DC Chapter and ourselves organized the Meet and Greet at the Science Club in Washington

GNSO  Intersessional 
Joan Kerr, NPOC Membership Chair  participated in the  GNSO  event in Washington, DC

City of  Oshawa Accessibility Committee
In an effort to educate the local accessibility committee in the City of Oshawa on Internet Rights and the Disabled, a full presentation was made to the standing committee