Commemorative Dinner

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A joint event by Simcoe United Church, held on November 24th, 2012 was a big success.  We agreed to provide 150 tickets and to raise $3000.00.  With 41 donations and tickets sold, the goal was easily achieved.  The evening’s MC, Mr. Thomas Henry, (Glenn McKnight), welcomed everyone, followed by the Kentucky Militia bursting in the doors, demanding the buried treasure. Mr Colin Carrie toast to the Queen, and Doug Wylie played God Save the Queen.  Partners, in addition to Simcoe United Church included:

*Mr. Robert Bell

*Pickering Museum

*The Revellers

*Melissa McKnight and Jason Dasti

A fashion show presented by Ms Julie Oakes was awesome.  The evening was enjoy by all.

View the pictures

Kentucky militia demanding the treasure

Step in Tyme Dancers


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