World Water Day 2017

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The World Water Day, celebrated on 22 March annually since 1993, aims to bring attention to the importance of freshwater and advocate the sustainable management of freshwater resources. The Sustainable Development Goals include a dedicated Water Goal making water a key element of the 2030 Development Agenda.

This year’s World Water Day theme focuses on wastewater as an untapped resource and the campaign, “Why waste water?” is about reducing and reusing wastewater.

Along with other UN-Water members, FAO is actively promoting the importance of safe use of wastewater, in particular in agriculture.


Celebrating World Planting Day 2016

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March 21st, 2016: World Planting Day

Plant food, trees, berries, edible flowers with the world and celebrate taste, beauty and healthful living.  Today

World Planting


World Planting Day is March 21, 2016, a special event to celebrate with people around the globe. It’s a day that helps us remember that our gardens are beautiful, and delicious. How you may ask. Consider growing foods for:

  • Fresh, nutritious eating
  • Nourishment
  • Outdoor activities
  • Addressing climate change
  • Being Climate Smart
  • Tasting delicious foods
  • Beautification

Will you start planting and celebrate with the world.  The rewards are countless.

Ontario Supports Growing Local Food

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  Preparing the soil by hand

The agricultural sector is a huge contributor to the Ontario economy.  How big?  According to the Ontario New release , the contribution from farm to fork is $34 billion.  That’s staggering and aspiring especially since the employment is more than 740, 000 jobs.

Local food is about health eating and knowing who is growing and caring for it.  The best person is YOU.  If you can’t grow your own, buy from someone you know, think about your food, who is growing it, where is it coming from, what nutrients do I need to function, to feel energized.  Local food is more than just economic it’s the social and environmental aspects that are equally important.

Start somewhere and support the local food movement- Grow your own!

UN: A Foundation Built for Peace

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On October 24th, 1945 delegates from around the world went to San Francisco to discuss an international peacekeeping organization.  That Organization is now known as the United Nations with its headquarters in New York City.  The world still sends representatives to meet and discuss world developments and collaborations to resolve conflict with long term results.  Although there have been many wars since the United Nations was founded, there has not been another World War. This was a great fear in the era of nuclear weapons and Super Powers, such as the United States and the former Soviet Union. Surely, just having a meeting place where people could talk instead of fight has helped to prevent a major war.  The United Nations also reminds us of the rights of the oppressed, the rights of women, and the rights of children. It is an organization that makes it possible for us to get into countries to feed the hungry and help the sick.


View agenda 21

Cosmic Campout

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Music Festival

The Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities ( is please to participate in The Cosmic Campout Festival for three days of music and fun.
FBSC will participate in the following ways:
• display old kitchen utensils for attendees to identify;
• eco-trivia;
• scents identification;
• handmade paper demonstration; and
• repurposed decor display
Building community through art, food and music brings us together to celebrate and enjoy the sounds and joy an event such as Cosmic Campout offers.

World Water Day 2012

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UN World Water Day 2012


Many people use water for the following things.  While viewing consider how you would do if water wasn’t available.





-washing clothes


-preserving food

Take a moment to appreciate this precious resource and think of ways to preserve it.  You save money and the environment.  How good is that.


UN World Water Day

What’s Your Water Footprint 

The Story of Bottled Water

Help one billion with little or no access to water










French Court declares Monsanto guilty

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No thanks: An anti-Monsanto crop circle made by farmers and volunteers in the Philippines. By Melvyn Calderon/Greenpeace HO/A.P. Images.

Finally, US Agri-business Monsanto is declared guilty for the use of its pesticide in farming.  According to the Reuters’ Article:

“Monsanto always considered that there were not sufficient elements to establish a causal relationship between Paul Francois’s symptoms and a potential poisoning,” the company’s lawyer, Jean-Philippe Delsart, said.  Previous health claims from farmers have foundered because of the difficulty of establishing clear links between illnesses and exposure to pesticides.

Vanity Fair’s, Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear, tells the story of Monsanto’s ‘seed police’ and the tactics used to intimidate small farmers, coops and country stores.  The ‘seed police’ are sometimes referred to as ‘Gestapo’ and ‘mafia’ according to the article.

Taking Action

  • Watch the World According to Monsanto and become aware the Issues

New beginnings, 2012

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Health CanadaWith a new year, the feeling of introspective and renewals can give us inspiration and motivation to embrace sustainable living in a positive light.  With a little adjustment, one easy way to do this is choosing to eat healthy.  according to Health Canada by eating well and being active for 2.5 hours is a good start on a healthy path.

Consider visiting your Doctor and discuss your plans for eating and activities.  Allergies play a role in some people’s choice so be aware of your situation.

Try a couple of activities such as: walking, stretching, bowling, dancing.  Eating fruits, yogurt and nuts lead to healthier bodies.  One of my favourite snack is apples, grapes, strawberries, oranges, mangoes (changes with the seasons), with homemade yogurt, raisins and nuts.  I try different  combinations of fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts.

Another way is to make a smoothie with fresh or frozen fruits.

Honey can be added to sweeten to taste.

Either way, delicious and health.



A Bridge, Naturally

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Nature gives all the materials for living and functioning.  This is an amazing example of sustainability, that includes, the social, environment and economic aspects we so rarely see.

Rain, rain and more rain

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For the month of May, 2011 there was a lot of rain, making it muddy to work at the community garden.  The upside is that the ground really had a good soaking, which saves water and the time for watering.

One really good way of saving water and money is capturing it with rain barrels. As you can see, we draped a piece of landscape cloth under the cover to ensure that we don’t encourage mosquito larvae-a problem if water stand still.

We encourage our gardeners to use an watering can and try to pour it on the  roots to build a strong root system.  This encourage the root to dig deeper in an effort to find water under the surface, which will take less time to water, saves money and time.


During a particularly heavy rainfall -which the gardeners got caught in at the Windfields Community Gardens, there was about 6 inches of rained in about 15 minutes, as you can see below in the wheel barrow it was quite a downpour.   By the way, standing water encourage mosquitoes, so try and empty any containers with standing water in, if available in your water barrels as soon as possible.



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