About Us

The Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (fbsc) is a federally incorporated not for profit since 2003. Our mandate is to preserve and repair the environment, and to ameliorate the living conditions of the underprivileged.  FBSC mission is to cultivate sustainable sensibilities. 

The Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities was conceived on the premise of Philanthropy.  Using a sustainable approach, FBSC purpose is to:

1.     Create programs to engage and educate community members about:

  •        Healthy Living and enjoyment of food
  •        Innovation and Information Communication Technologies ICT, and
  •        Arts and heritage.

2.     Share knowledge and resources.

3.     Host annual events to encourage Do It Yourself, conservation and enjoyment of food.

We are in the process of launching the Canadian Victory Garden Project in 2014, after recreating and researching its viability for the past four years. Victory Gardens traditionally are broad in scope, because it focus on growing, harvesting and preserving food, and include the traditional skills mentioned above. We are in the process of  receiving a 10 acre parcel of land to initiate teaching and demonstration gardens, which include:

  • Living Classroom: Demonstration and designs of Modern Victory Garden;
  • Teaching traditional arts
  • Food Skills
  • Horticulture
  • Self sufficiency
  • Community Engagement:
  1. Goal 300 home gardeners by 2017
  2. Plant A Row, Grow A Row
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility Garden Competition; business and organizations design a theme garden and the community votes on the theme
  4. Creating corridors: Art, Ethic food, themed gardens; and
  5. Celebrating community: Harvest Dinner, Parlour Talks